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Our ebooks, offer invaluable deployment strategies for Workday Time Tracking, Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor, and leading HMC and ERP timekeeping systems.

Time Clock Deployment Strategy for
Workday Time Tracking

Executive Summary:  You’re on your way to reaping all the benefits of a new time and attendance system. With the right time clock vendor supporting you, you can roll out a seamless deployment that ensures your company starts experiencing those benefits from day one.

At ATS, every deployment follows the road map shared here. The timeframe to move through all the phases from Blue Print to Ongoing Support can vary, depending on the project, goal and expertise of your systems integrator partner. As a benchmark: consider that a large, complex deployment should take no more than 12 weeks. To help you take control of your deployment strategy, we’re providing this roadmap of what happens during each week of a successful typical deployment.  ATS Deployment Strategy Overview >>

Building a Deployment Strategy for Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor and Time Clocks

Executive Summary:  With TimeCom® from Accu-Time Systems, you’ll be on your way to unlocking the rewards of Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor! With Accu-Time Systems support, you’ll enjoy seamless integration and deployment for immediate benefits.

Each deployment follows a unique roadmap, with varying timeframes depending on the project and expertise. We aim to complete complex deployments within 12 weeks. Oracle Time Clock Deployment Strategy 

Time Clock Deployment Strategies for Workday and Oracle

TimeCom: Your Complete Workforce Management Solution

Experience seamless integration, powerful features, and unmatched convenience – TimeCom® is the ultimate timekeeping solution for Workday Time Tracking and Oracle Cloud Time and Labor.

Choosing The Right Employee Time and Attendance Time Clock

Executive Summary:  Payroll is among its most significant expenses for any company. It stands to reason that gathering the hours employees work is a critical function. Nevertheless, many companies still use outdated technologies (or no technology at all) to track the time and attendance of their employees.

As a result, they are putting themselves at risk of losing money through costly payroll errors, inaccurate reporting, or fraud on the part of employees. If your company has been considering introducing a time and attendance system or updating an existing one, you need to know what to look for. It’s essential to clearly understand how it will be used, where the time clock will be located, and a vision of where your company is going so that your solution can continue to serve you well for years to come. Choosing the right time clock for your business. 

How the Right Time Clock Can
Improve time and Attendance Reporting

Executive Summary:  Time clocks are a lifesaver for many organizations that need to track employee time and attendance. However, the wrong system can cause more problems than it solves. Improper reporting can open you to fraud, create compliance issues with overtime, lead to lost revenue because of over-reported time, and create inconsistencies caused by human error. However, with a new and modern time clock system, your employee time and attendance tracking will be accurate and precise, and your workplace will become more efficient and productive. How to Improve Reporting Using the Right Time Clock.

TimeCom Case Studies: Hear From Your Peers.

Explore our customer case studies for real-world success stories, demonstrating how TimeCom empowered businesses to optimize their workforce management, achieved time-tracking accuracy and efficiency, and improved employee engagement using our comprehensive Cloud-based solution. Learn from your peers and gain valuable insights and inspiration to propel your organization to new heights.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Minimizing Absenteeism with a Strong Employee Attendance Policy.

Executive Summary: As an employer, you will experience weekly absences in the workforce. Typical reasons for an employee’s absence, such as an illness or paid time off (PTO), resolve quickly. The employee returns to work with little to no disruption to his job. However, absences become a problem when they evolve into absenteeism. Absenteeism is an employee’s intentional or habitual absence from work. It leads to decreased productivity, lowers team morale, and ultimately affects the company’s financials. It is of the utmost importance to catch absenteeism as soon as possible. Having a proper attendance policy or policies can help curb this problem. However, it is crucial to understand how absenteeism truly affects your bottom line. Step-by-Step guide to minimize absenteeism.

Higher Education Time & Attendance: What Your Campus Should Look for in a Time Clock

Executive Summary: University campuses are becoming larger and their inner workings more complex. Technology is evolving, and the need for a sophisticated time clock is more pertinent than ever. But what time clock can keep up with the increasing changes and exponential growth of today’s university campuses? Choosing the right electronic time clock for your college or university improves efficiency and helps streamline the payroll process in a way that is functional and beneficial to your campus.

With new technological advancements, time clocks are much more than the card punching system we see in movies and television. No longer are we required to punch in and out manually. Digital time clocks and attendance tracking devices have now become unique, advanced systems that collect essential data and, in addition to keeping time, can maintain the mission of your university or college by offering a seamless relationship between departments that advances your productivity and leaves more time to do what universities do best – educate. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of a modern time clock and how a modern time clock’s features can satisfy the unique needs of college campuses and universities. Time Clock Solutions for Higher-Education

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