Automatic Time Tracking Features of TimeCom

TimeCom® is the perfect choice for your timekeeping needs.

Automatic time-tracking is changing the way workforce management works, giving organizations in various industries the power to improve efficiency, compliance, and employee happiness. At Accu-Time Systems, we’re committed to making things easier by offering a flexible timekeeping platform that smoothly combines time tracking and self-service features. Our goal is to simplify complicated processes, encourage adaptability, and enhance the overall employee experience.

TimeCom’s Automatic Time-Tracking Features

TimeCom: The Ultimate Timekeeping Solution

Experience seamless integration, powerful features, and unmatched convenience – TimeCom® is the ultimate timekeeping solution for Workday Time Tracking and Oracle Cloud Time and Labor.

See How Customers Are Leveraging TimeCom’s Automatic Time-Tracking Features and Functionality

Accu-Time Systems stands out by being dedicated to innovation and adaptability. Our method includes smoothly incorporating the TimeCom® solution into either Workday Time Tracking or Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor, resulting in a versatile solution with advanced features. Our skill in easily tailoring these solutions to fit a variety of business environments truly distinguishes us. This allows us to improve crucial functions like automated time-tracking, self-service functionality, and compliance adherence.

Powerful Simplicity

Learn how TimeCom’s fundamental automatic time-tracking abilities are transforming workforce management. Find out how our customers make the most of time tracking and ensure compliance through smooth clock-ins, precise meal breaks, and seamlessly integrated rest periods.

  • Clock In/Out: Employees can log time entries for their entry and exit times effortlessly.
  • Meal BreaksEmployers can establish set times for meal breaks, in accordance with workplace rules and policies, to accurately monitor break durations.
  • Rest Breaks: Customers are benefiting from TimeCom’s capability to integrate paid rest breaks into their workforce schedules, adhering to regulations while promoting employee well-being.

Ensuring Compliance

TimeCom is helping organizations enforce meal and rest break regulations, ensure employees are punctual by adhering to schedules, and maintain strong data security through encryption protocols.

  • Enforcing Minimum Meal and Rest Breaks: TimeCom allows customers to enforce minimum meal and rest break durations, helping them comply with legal regulations and company guidelines.
  • Enforcing Schedules: When integrating TimeCom into their systems, customers ensure employees are clocking in shortly before scheduled start times.
  • Secure Data Encryption at Rest and In Transit: Customers are prioritizing data security by using TimeCom’s encryption protocols, which protect sensitive data both when it’s at rest and when it’s transmitted.
  • Attestation Messages During IN or OUT Punch: Customers use attestation messages when employees clock in or out to confirm specific details, ensuring precise reporting. This functionality is currently available for Workday customers only.

Automated Compensation Excellence

Organizations are using TimeCom to improve the accuracy of payroll calculations, streamline cost distribution, and effortlessly integrate additional compensation elements. From automating allocation to utilizing unique identifiers and seamlessly incorporating tips, TimeCom’s influence on cost management is both extensive and revolutionary.

  • Automatic Allocation to Primary Position/Job: TimeCom allows customers to automate the distribution of work hours to employees’ primary roles, leading to precise payroll calculations and cost allocation.
  • Allocate Time to Different Positions/Jobs: Employee hours can be assigned to department codes and project labels for improved cost tracking and reporting accuracy, ensuring that billable rates align with project requirements.
  • Allocate Time Worked to Department ID, Project, Program Codes, etc.: TimeCom’s functionality empowers customers to assign employee hours to specific identifiers like department codes and project labels, enhancing cost tracking and reporting precision.
  • Shift Differential/Premium Pay Allocation: Customers are using TimeCom’s advanced payroll tools to accurately allocate additional compensation to employees based on specific shifts or premium conditions.
  • Capture Employee Tips: With TimeCom, customers can seamlessly incorporate employees’ tip inputs into payroll calculations and compliance processes, ensuring complete and accurate compensation. This functionality is currently available for Workday customers only.
  • Call Back Button with Specific Custom Worktags/Pay Code: The “Call Back Button” feature allows employees to initiate work actions using custom tags or pay codes for specific work actions, ensuring accurate compensation and reporting, especially for non-standard tasks. For example, Call back for snow removal or storm clean up.

Harness automatic time-tracking functionality to meet the diverse needs of your businesses.

Customers are using TimeCom’s core features creatively to improve workplace adaptability and enhance the employee experience. This involves harnessing TimeCom’s basic automatic time-tracking functions in various ways to meet diverse needs. Ultimately, these efforts contribute to streamlined processes, personalized engagement, and increased flexibility in workforce management.

  • Option to Use Employee ID# as a Backup: Customers enjoy increased flexibility with TimeCom, allowing employees to use identification numbers as a backup option for clocking in or out. This provides employees with greater flexibility in tracking their working hours.
  • Limit Employee Access to Specific Time Clocks or Permit Access to All Time Clocks:  TimeCom allows customers to limit employees to specific time clocks or grant access to all available time clocks.
  • Time Clock Software Configurations for Business Units/Groups: Customers can request to customize the time clock software to align with the specific requirements of groups, departments, and business units
  • Swipe and Go User Interface: Customers are implementing TimeCom’s touchless interface to streamline clock-in and clock-out procedures, enabling employees to record their time without needing physical contact with the clock.
  • Send individual employee messages or Broadcast Messages: Customers utilize this feature to enable employees to receive personalized messages and updates when they clock in and out, ensuring they are informed in real-time about important announcements and updates.

Enhancing employee engagement and efficiency

Automated timekeeping is more than just tracking in-and-out punches. Discover how TimeCom empowers employees with self-service capabilities. TimeCom makes it easy for employees to keep track of their work hours, see when they clocked in and out, check their schedules, and request time off. This helps employees stay engaged and be more productive.

  • View Total Hours Worked: Customers use the time clock to allow employees to conveniently track their total worked hours.
  • View Recent Time Clock Entries: TimeCom makes it easy for employees to access their most recent time entries.
  • View Schedule:  Timecom enables employees to view upcoming shifts conveniently.
  • View Accrual Balances: TimeCom helps employees keep track of vacation and sick leave, ensuring they have accurate records of their available free time.
  • Request for Time Off:  With TimeCom, employees can request time off through the clock system, simplifying management and ensuring speedy processing of time off requests.