Oracle Time Clock and Workday Time Clock Solutions

PeoplePoint™ Premium: Reimagining How Employees Engage

With its expansive 10.1″ touchscreen, this cutting-edge solution elevates your employee experience by providing unmatched visibility and user-friendliness. Seamlessly integrating with Workday Time Tracking and Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor, it not only simplifies your workforce management but also delivers valuable insights. Navigate effortlessly and reduce errors while ensuring accessibility for all users. Upgrade to the PeoplePoint™ Premium for a bigger, better, and more efficient way to manage time and attendance.

Enabling Employees to Seamlessly Connect with Employee Self-Service Functionality.

The PeoplePoint Premium transforms how employees engage with their workplace tasks. With the Premium, the 10.1″ touchscreen becomes a gateway to an elevated level of interaction. It’s not just about seeing—it’s about experiencing. This seamless experience resonates at the very heart of workforce engagement, making the distinction between PeoplePoint Plus™ and PeoplePoint Premium™ about more than just screen size; it’s about creating a space where effortless interaction empowers individuals to shape their work experiences, providing an exceptionally intuitive platform for employees to interact with their schedules, request time off, and access vital information.

  • 10.1” Widescreen Touch Display.

  • Seamless integration with Workday Time Tracking or Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor.

  • Configurable hardware to meet your needs. Biometric readers, proximity badge readers, barcode readers, swipe card reader, or keypads.

  • Configurable time clock software to meet your business and data collection requirements. 

  • Easy to install and use out-of-the-box.

  • High-Performance Processor.

employees at work using Oracle. HCM Cloud Time and Labor

Meeting Your Unique Timekeeping Needs

Our commitment to your business’s unique timekeeping needs drives the essence of customization and reliability in the PeoplePoint™ Premium. We believe in solutions that streamline operations, so your employees can focus on what truly matters.

With the PeoplePoint™ Premium and the PeoplePoint™ Plus, we deliver the power of flexibility and customization to serve your business needs. Working closely with our team, we can configure the time clock software to finely align with your distinct daily clock in and out workflows and business requirements. The intricate process of managing job transfers, showing employees’ schedules, and overseeing attestations becomes not just more straightforward but a seamless experience with a PeoplePoint Premium.

Oracle and Workday Time Clocks for Effortless Attendance Tracking: Simplifying Clocking In and Out

The PeoplePoint Premium helps revolutionize attendance tracking with three versatile methods: keypad, badge reader, and biometric fingerprint reader. Each option streamlines the clocking process while catering to diverse preferences. The keypad method enables employees to input a unique code swiftly, benefiting individuals and administrators alike. Transition to the badge reader for seamless scanning of personalized badges, enhancing convenience. For heightened security and accuracy, embrace the biometric fingerprint reader, utilizing distinct fingerprint patterns to ensure precise attendance recording. These methods redefine attendance management, offering choices that prioritize efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy while empowering employees and administrators.

Oracle Time Clock

TimeCom: The Ultimate Timekeeping Solution

Experience seamless integration, powerful features, and unmatched convenience – TimeCom® is the ultimate timekeeping solution for Workday Time Tracking and Oracle Cloud Time and Labor.