Workday Time Clock and Oracle Time Clock Solutions

PeoplePoint™ Plus: Redefines Employee Engagement

The Workday time clock or the Oracle time clock is not just a solution but a strategic investment in the future of your workforce management. Reap the benefits of innovation, efficiency, and engagement, and unlock the true potential of your workplace interactions.  

Cutting-Edge Innovation, Seamless Integration

PeoplePoint Plus™ seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with an intuitive design to offer a revolutionary employee time clock. Its 7” touch-screen display, driven by a high-performance processor, sets the stage for unparalleled employee engagement. Its seamless integration with Workday Time Tracking and Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor sets it apart, ensuring your employee workflows are efficient and insightful.

  • Seamless integration with Workday Time Tracking or Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor.

  • Configurable hardware to meet your needs. Biometric readers, proximity badge readers, swipe card readers, barcode readers or keypads.

  • Configurable time clock software to meet your business and data collection needs.

  • Easy to install and use out-of-the-box.

  • High-Performance Processor.

  • 7” Widescreen Touch Display.

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Customization and Reliability

Customized for your business: With the PeoplePoint Plus™, we can configure the time clock software to match your specific business requirements. Streamlining job transfers and managing attestations become a breeze, while its compatibility with industry-leading HR solutions like Workday and Oracle enhances overall efficiency.

Seamless Operations, Empowered Teams:

Experience seamless operations powered by a high-performance processor, ample memory, and substantial storage capacity. With the PeoplePoint Plus™, every workplace interaction becomes meaningful, driving empowered teams and unlocking a new level of workforce management.

Expanded Possibilities and Enhanced Engagement

PeoplePoint Plus™ simplifies and makes data collection and time tracking accurate. It offers various options like biometric readers and smartcard technologies. This ecosystem allows you to customize the system to match your requirements, enhancing efficiency and engagement.

Near Real-Time Workforce Management with PeoplePoint Plus™

Experience the advantage of real-time data tracking and data transfer with PeoplePoint Plus™. Our system captures and processes employee transactions, job transfers, and attestations as they happen, providing you with up-to-the-minute information that empowers your decision-making process.

Workday Time Clock

TimeCom: The Ultimate Timekeeping Solution

Experience seamless integration, powerful features, and unmatched convenience – TimeCom® is the ultimate timekeeping solution for Workday Time Tracking and Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor.