Time Clock Management: Empowering Organizations with ClockWatch™

ClockWatch™ is a comprehensive web-based time clock management solution that combines real-time visibility, time clock management, data analytics, and reporting to empower organizations in managing their time-related processes effectively. By addressing various aspects of time management and data analysis, it supports informed decision-making, operational efficiency, and compliance with labor regulations.

ClockWatch™ Implementation and Ongoing Access Strategy for Operational Excellence

ClockWatch™, ATS’ time clock management web portal is only available to customers during the implementation process to ensure all time clocks are communicating effectively and employee punches are flowing properly into Workday. Once the implementation period is complete, access to ClockWatch is given to those who opt to purchase a Service Level Agreement (SLA) from Accu-Time Systems. This approach ensures that organizations receiving ClockWatch™ not only benefit from its features during the critical implementation phase but also continue to harness its capabilities as an ongoing resource for operational excellence.

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Real-time Visibility, Monitoring, and Preventive Measures for Enhanced Time Management

  1. Real-time Visibility: ClockWatch™ is designed to offer real-time visibility into critical information associated with an organization’s TimeCom deployment. This visibility empowers HR and IT professionals with up-to-the-minute insights, allowing them to make informed decisions promptly.
  2. Streamlined Monitoring: The time clock management tool serves as a powerful monitoring platform for HR and IT professionals, enabling them to track employee information and time clock details. This actionable view into current statuses enables swift responses to emerging needs or challenges.
  3. Preventive Measures: ClockWatch™ acts as a preventive tool by allowing professionals to identify and address potential future issues in communication or system operation. By proactively resolving problems, organizations can maintain a seamless operational environment.
  4. Efficient Evaluation: The testimonial by Abbie Brown, Vice President of Enterprise Systems and Project Management at Bowdoin College, highlights the purpose-driven evaluation process. This underscores the tool’s purpose of being a well-considered and strategic solution for organizations seeking enhanced time management.

ClockWatch™ Features: Search Capabilities, Valuable Reports, and User-Friendly Support

  • Search Capabilities: The ability to search for specific employee or time terminal-related information streamlines data retrieval, fostering efficient decision-making.
  • Access to Valuable Reports: ClockWatch™ provides access to insightful reports, offering system-level information and daily status updates. This feature aligns with the purpose of empowering professionals with actionable insights.
  • Profile Settings and Support: The tool allows for easy account profile updates, reflecting its aim to provide a user-friendly experience. Moreover, the direct link to customer service supports its purpose of facilitating efficient issue resolution.

ClockWatch™ is purpose-built to revolutionize time management and enhance operational efficiency, equipping organizations with the tools they need to make informed decisions, prevent disruptions, and optimize their processes.

“Before we committed to investing in the software, we conducted a thorough evaluation and competitive analysis. Not until that was complete did we determine that Accu-Time was the right solution for us.” 

Abbie Brown,
Bowdoin’s Vice President of Enterprise
Systems and Project Management

Bowdoin College, Bowdoin College

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