Time Clock Integrations for Workday and Oracle

TimeCom makes it easy for Workday and Oracle customers to integrate their time-tracking software with time clocks to deliver accurate timekeeping across their entire businesses.

Time Tracking Integration Solutions for Workday Time Tracking and Oracle Cloud HCM Time and Labor 

TimeCom® is a cloud-based system for tracking employee time and attendance. It works with Workday Time Tracking, Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor, and other popular Human Capital Management systems.  

The solution includes: 

  • Seamless integration with Workday Time Tracking or Oracle HCM Cloud Time and labor. 
  • The highest quality time clocks for improved time entry and time management. 
  • Configurable time clock software that meets your timekeeping needs. 
  • A Time clock management tool that provides complete visibility and transparency into your deployed time clock ecosystem.   

TimeCom ensures accurate payroll, supports customization, and empowers employees with self-service features. 


Seamless and Secure Integration Solutions for Workday Time Tracking

TimeCom for Workday seamlessly integrates with Workday Time Tracking. Offering real-time tracking, touchless clock-in options, and automated work-hour allocation, TimeCom simplifies time and labor management, ensures accurate payroll and compliance, and empowers employees with self-service features. 

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Accurate Timekeeping For Workday and Oracle Starts with PeoplePoint™ Time Clocks

The PeoplePoint Plus will help your company achieve accurate timekeeping and data collection. These time clocks include advanced technology options such as biometric recognition, barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity, and smart card readers. TimeCom effortlessly integrates with existing employee badges, ensuring a smooth transition while upgrading your time-tracking capabilities. 

Seamless Integration Solutions for Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor

TimeCom® for Oracle is a comprehensive and Oracle-validated cloud-based solution that goes beyond merely tracking time and attendance. It offers seamless integration, high-quality time clock tools, configurability, transparency, accuracy in payroll, customization support, and employee empowerment features, making it a valuable asset for effective time and labor management within Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor. 

Oracle Cloud HCM Time and Labor

Track, Collect, and Send The Data You Need to Your Workday or Oracle System

The embedded software running in the clock isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You can easily customize it to meet your current needs and adapt it to future requirements. Features can include: 

  • Tracking employee attendance with clock-in and clock-out. 
  • Incorporate paid rest breaks into employee schedules. 
  • Automatic allocation to Primary Position/Job. 
  • Allocate time to different Positions/Jobs. 
  • Allocate time worked to department ID, project, program codes, etc 
  • Shift differential/premium pay allocation. 
  • Capture employee tips. 
  • Call-back button with specific custom Worktags/pay code.

Need to track other employee data? Ask your rep for more data collection options.

Elevate Time Management with Real-Time Visibility, Monitoring, Seamless Operations and Strategic Efficiency

ClockWatch™ enhances time management through real-time visibility and monitoring for TimeCom deployments. It empowers HR and IT professionals with up-to-the-minute insights, facilitating prompt decision-making. As a preventive tool, it allows the proactive identification and resolution of potential communication or system operation issues, maintaining a seamless operational environment. 

TimeCom: The Ultimate Timekeeping Solution

Experience seamless integration, powerful features, and unmatched convenience – TimeCom® is the ultimate timekeeping solution for Workday Time Tracking and Oracle Cloud HCM Time and Labor.