Integrating with your Workday Time Tracking or Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor applications and time clocks is easier and can be done faster than you might think.  When you integrate TimeCom with your back end system, you’ll on your way to reaping all the benefits of a new time and attendance system. And with Accu-Time Systems supporting you along the way, you can roll out a seamless time clock deployment that ensures your company starts experiencing those benefits from day one. 

At ATS, every deployment follows a proven. The timeframe to move through all the phases from Blue Print to Ongoing Support can vary, depending on the project, goal, and expertise of your systems integrator partner. As a benchmark: consider that a large, complex deployment should take more than 12 weeks. To help you take control of your deployment strategy, we’re providing this roadmap of what happens during each week of a successful typical deployment. 

time clock deployment outline
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The Right Strategy for Time Clock Deployments

time clock deployment strategy