employee time and attendance tracking case study

employee time and attendance case studyUsing a market leading proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning and payroll system running on a legacy server, Reddy Ice was collecting time and attendance data from over 300 field-based biometric time clocks and processing payroll via a leading software package. However, with minimal data validation and no ability to access analytics, it was impossible to examine the process in order to improve it. A team of more than 100 people was needed to normalize data and process payroll every two weeks, and the antiquated system was proving to be extremely time consuming, expensive and inefficient. “Our teams were often working until two o’clock in the morning to make sure payroll would be completed on time,” said Elliot Lester, vice president of IT for Reddy Ice.

Download This Employee Time and Attendance Case Study and Learn How Reddy Ice

  • Increased efficiencies with minimal resources
  • Automated time collection and decreased administrative payroll errors
  • Integrated Workday Time Tracking and Time Clocks in two month’s time
  • Sped up payroll processing and improved employee morale
reddy ice customer case study